If we saw ourselves through the eyes of a stranger
it could be the most horrid view

or the most beautiful

either way, we’d know

We might come from different streets,
of that we might be proud
still we end up at the same place
and melt into the crowd

We might take the words they say,
and twist them in our mouths
while our eyes see different colors
and all forms lose their bounds

When the vibration hits our souls
pulses become the same
let the rhythm take control
it’s the reason that we came

It began with fire and chemicals,
burning away the fabric until
all that was left was skin

and I laughed in the dark
at the mess I was making

and as the fire died down,
you paused before you looked away,
just long enough to catch my eye

caught my breath

and I knew

the light I was following wasn’t the flame.

If it doesn’t ache,
If the magnets under our skin aren’t pulling us towards each other,
If we aren’t colliding, melting into an unstoppable element, 

we should just walk away.

If it’s worth doing, we won’t be able to stop it.

& when you see them, catch their eye
& when they’re walking, match their stride
& when they speak, hear their rhythm
& when they dance, lose yourself in them
& when you’re tangled, taste their skin
& when they wake, begin again

& when you start to learn, let go

because beautiful things should be felt, not known.

in the dark
when the clouds were mountains
we thought would swallow us

the piercing light
breaking into our fantasy
whispering lines between our thoughts and dreams

the world illuminated
shadows falling into corners
as we danced the streets to spin the world

and we were naive enough to believe
each part was an eternity

The pattern that beats
on a butterfly’s wings
brought down the sky
in a world unseen
as I hold my pen
and draw the gate
between things called love
and things we deem hate
because art and filth
fight in this room
edges that cut
flowers that bloom
noises that echo
and crumble the roof

Given the choice,
I’ll walk on the glass
jump over the clouds
that promise to pass

Although there’s beauty in every scene,
I learned to breathe through broken things.

If they burn down the city to show you the light,
they’ll leave you buried in the smog, 
forever a shadow

even if the flame writes love,
the smoke sings loss,
and hides the way home
as it blackens the purest light

is the dance of the flame
worth the loss of your way,

or will you turn to find the stars?

If it explodes,

light into darkness
darkness into light

will the flames move too quickly
for us to watch the end

or will we dance in the colours
skin basked in light

as the edge crawls forward

a darkness that doesn’t leave a void

  • Camera: iPhone 5s
  • Aperture: f/2.2
  • Exposure: 1/13699th
  • Focal Length: 4mm